Give me a chance.

I’ll change the world.

Tell me I’m

worth fighting for.

The world sees a hopeless future; we see curious minds.
The world sees poverty; we see kids eager to learn.
The world sees a lost cause; we see a million faces of possibility.

When you sponsor a child, you disrupt a system meant to keep children in poverty and isolation. Your investment in the life of a child breaks ancient chains of oppression and brings freedom, dignity and worth to an entire community. When you sponsor a child, you declare them worth an education and a future- your sponsorship cracks the door wide open for a child who just might change the world.



Ruben H

Ruben's father cultivates a small piece of land. The harvest was poor due to unfavorable climatic conditions. The family struggles to meet their basic needs. Ruben is struggling with his studies. Teacher decided him to repeat the same class for another year. They live in a small house.

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