Change has spread across the entire world and reached into every culture. 

This is Dalika, She knows first hand about sudden life change.

Married at just thirteen years old, and a first-time mother by fourteen, she left the few things that remained of her childhood behind when she moved to the city with her husband. It was an arranged marriage. She was child bride. So while other girls were going to school, Dalika’s education came through her life experiences.  She learned how to care for her husband, how to look after a home, how to raise a child, how to navigate a new city. Now, at eighteen, she is an expert on how to handle any problem that comes her way and get the help she needs. In fact, desiring to keep her family healthy, she became a regular at our clinics. She not only brought her family, she encouraged other girls in her village to do the same. Dalika has always amazed us at how she can handle any situation with a posture of peace, confidence and strength.

Last week, Dalika’s four-month-old baby developed a fever. At the nearest government hospital, doctors identified the baby with the symptoms of pneumonia and said she likely had the virus. Unfortunately, the hospital was struggling. Government hospitals are known more for what is lacking than in what they can offer. In the absence of adequate treatment, Dalika and her husband set out to a find a private hospital that would offer the care their newborn needed.

Sadly, their baby passed away during their journey.

Even with all of Dalika’s experience in life changes, this is one that is impossible to know how to navigate. As she mourns the loss of a baby she loved so much and fought so hard to protect, our community health workers are doing all that they can to support her. This is one sudden change that will take a lifetime, and a strong community, to overcome.

Right now, we are doing all we can to resource our clinics with all that they need to keep this story from repeating itself. You can provide necessary equipment & care for young mothers and their babies, like Dalika. You can also gift education, so that young teenagers get to stay in school.

COVID-19 Crisis Relief or Education. Either choice will change a life forever.

Because Every Life Matters.

Give Covid Relief AND Support Education

Stories are real, all names and photos have been changed for protection, and are representative.