Arni jumps out of bed, devours a simple bowl of rice with dal, and dons his sharp-looking blue and white uniform. After a quick goodbye to his mom and dad, he rushes off to school with his older sister, Ina.

Arni enjoys attending school in his remote village. He lives in one of the poorest villages in India. His school is a familiar place. A nurturing place. A safe place. He knows he will be greeted by caring, compassionate teachers and staff who will encourage his eagerness for learning. Science, math, English…all of the subjects pique Arni’s curiosity. Each day, he looks forward to hanging out with his friends, telling jokes, and playing cricket at recess. His kind demeanor has gained him many friends.

He is well aware of the hardships his parents face every day trying to provide for him, Ina, and their younger brother. Their mentally ill grandfather also lives with them which presents an added set of challenges. As the sole breadwinner of the family, his dad works long hours cultivating crops under the heat of the scorching sun. Even though he is a hard worker, his daily earnings are inconsistent and sparse. Providing food and shelter often seems impossible. There is certainly no rest, no sign of their circumstances improving.

He knows this is the plight of his family – generational poverty and oppression.

But hope rises every morning when Arni and Ira head to school. They are the family’s first generation of English-speaking students. Their parents know that education will change everything. Arni senses that, too. Their teachers cultivate hope for a better tomorrow. And with that hope, comes the tools to build on opportunity and promise. One day, Arni’s family won’t wonder where their next meal comes from. This is how we break the cycle of poverty, one child at a time.

You can give marginalized children like Arni and Ira hope and opportunity. You can make sure their futures are bright and their dreams come true. You can help them embrace their God-given dignity, crushing the chains of oppression once and for all.

Make your impact today at the Great Kid Comeback. Let’s make sure every child has hope, opportunity, and the tools needed to change their lives forever.

Because every child matters. Every child is worth fighting for.