Rescue and Reclaim the Life of a Young Girl

Rescue is the first step towards restoring dignity. Our team will give her a safe place to live and a top-notch education. You’ll help her reclaim her future and fill it with gifts of hope and promise.
Protect a young girl from the nightmare of abuse

Feed a Hungry Family

Thousands of families are on the brink of starvation every day. You can provide the food they need to survive. You’ll feed a family for one month.
gift a 30 day food kit

Support Dignity for Girls

You can prevent the shame girls feel about not having adequate hygiene supplies. Your gift will help purchase a sanitary napkin machine for each of our schools.
Provide sanitary napkin machines

Provide Clean Drinking Water

Your gift will help build a water purification system so children have clean water at school.
Give clean water

Support Skills Training for Women

Your gift provides certification in tailoring, cosmetology, computer training, conversational English, or primary teaching. With that certification, moms can provide food and shelter for their children.
Help a mom learn a new skill

Provide Laptops for Teachers

When school leaders have access to state-of-the-art technology, it affects kids! Your gift will help purchase a laptop for hard-working educators.
Provide basic technology for a teacher

Community Impact Fund

Your gift will be used where it’s urgently needed to provide whole care for the whole community. 
i’ll give what is needed most

If the initiative you choose is fully funded, your gift will be used where needed most.